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Cotswold Granaries have developed this premium Squirrel Food suitable for red, grey and black squirrels. The mix contains high-quality nuts, seeds and beans that supply natural protein, fat and calcium sources. It also contains pine nuts a favourite of red squirrels.

Designed as a complementary feed suitable for use on squirrel feeding platforms or in a squirrel feeder. The food helps survive native red squirrels if you are lucky enough to live in the reds' stronghold area. Otherwise, marvel at the acrobatic antics of your grey squirrels as they enjoy the delicious selection of goodness.

As the bulk of this mix is a good variety of nutrient-dense nuts, the fat and protein content are both high offering a comprehensive all-round diet. Perfect for supplementing a squirrel's food intake over winter when natural food sources are sparse.

The mix contains peanuts, sunflower seeds, locust beans, hazels and walnuts in shells. Much like all wild animal foods, you offer in your order spaces; fresh water should also be available at all times. Wildlife World has many solutions for adding an attractive supply of water to your garden. Alternatively, a dish, bowl, saucer or any shallow container filled with water is just as good!

Comes in 2 sizes; 250g and 1kg.

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