Incredible Natural Ingredients!

High-Quality Ingredients

Quality bird food and wild animal food products are about natural and nutritional ingredients. Low cost, high volume products may tempt you, but they often feature wheat that accounts for more than 70% of the mix. This wheat seed is typically one of the cheapest birdseed ingredients and is featured heavily in low-cost, low-quality blends.

Low-quality blends can lead to larger birds like magpies or pigeons overwhelming your feeding station and warding off smaller bird species.

None of our Cotswold Granaries Wild Bird Food seed mixes contains any wheat. Instead, we favour premium sunflower hearts and naked oats as they have far higher energy and nutrient values.

The new Squirrel Food also has no wheat content for much the same reasons. Premium nuts and seeds provide a much more nutritionally dense and healthy alternative.

We do have wheat products in our Hedgehog Food, and Duck & Swan Food mixes as they offer the crunchy and floating consistencies required. The ingredients for these two feeds are specialised as they are combined and formed into a meal that produces the final pellet.


Natural Ingredients for Cotswold Granaries

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